2.11 A Little Romance (ft. Tim Neumann)



The Crew and auction winner Blake Richardson III (a.k.a. marvelous guest, Tim Neumann) go hard this week, covering the memorable Full House episode in which the guys sell their bodies in a charity auction, and DJ gets dumped—HARD. Laughs, gaffs, giraffes, and more in this quintessential episode of You Pod It, Dude!

2.9 Our Very First Christmas Show (ft. Michael Wahle)



President Barack Obama provides profound, insightful, and witty commentary about all the absurdities of the Tanners getting stuck in an airport on Christmas, and candidly reminisces about his own life thus far along the way. Join the Crew and the leader of the free world as they tackle the heavy topics at hand (plus Full House nonsense) in this very distinguished episode of You Pod It, Dude!

2.8 Triple Date



You Pod It, Dude! gets back to their roots and takes on this episode of Full House with just the Crew themselves. Experience the energy as the group answers critical questions like: Was a triple date really necessary? And, what would you do if your date is incredibly mean for no apparent reason? New terminology is also revealed! Catch it all in this hot episode!

2.7 Joey Gets Tough (ft. Kirsten J. and Eric Fisher)



Hear the Crew dissect the everlovin’ stuffin’ out of this episode in which Joey attempts to be stern with DJ, gets met with resistance from DJ, and ends with DJ getting her way! Learn the proper techniques of podcast critiquing courtesy of New Media Consultant, Eric Fisher, and what technique to use to critique podcast critiquing with Eric’s consultant, Kirsten! So much sandwich in this very special of You Pod It, Dude!