1.22 DJ Tanner's Day Off (ft. Greg Villalobos)



Here we are! The thrilling season finale of You Pod It, Dude! Here are some hot topics covered in this action-packed episode: DJ devises yet another brilliant plan to dupe the adults; Joey makes another questionable judgment call; and Stephanie: golden child? Take a load off, Fanny, and join the crew and their magnificent creature of a guest, Greg Villalobos, as they say goodbye to season 1 and get into some kooky hijinks along the way!

1.19 The Seven Month Itch Part 1 (ft. Gerald Grissette)



Hey now! Pull up a seat and join us as we dissect the nuances of this Full House two-parter. The gang and their exquisitely special guest, Gerald Grissette, touch on popular themes in this episode such as how to take things slow with your date, the flight-killing nature of fog, and Jesse’s amazing ability to dream literally, amongst a slew of other gems. And, if you listen carefully, you might be able to pick up on the origins of You Pod It, Dude!

1.18 Just One of the Guys



The You Pod It, Dude! team continues to lead the league with another great performance on Christmas day. The team started off the podcast with a strong first half, blowing through topics like religious undertones, and the qualities of being a man. Despite the weak storyline in the second half, the crew managed to surprise the crowd with analysis on Joey’s intricate jokes, DJ ruining everything again, and feminism. Expect to see the crew in the finals if they can continue their record-setting performance!