2.8 Triple Date



You Pod It, Dude! gets back to their roots and takes on this episode of Full House with just the Crew themselves. Experience the energy as the group answers critical questions like: Was a triple date really necessary? And, what would you do if your date is incredibly mean for no apparent reason? New terminology is also revealed! Catch it all in this hot episode!

2.7 Joey Gets Tough (ft. Kirsten J. and Eric Fisher)



Hear the Crew dissect the everlovin’ stuffin’ out of this episode in which Joey attempts to be stern with DJ, gets met with resistance from DJ, and ends with DJ getting her way! Learn the proper techniques of podcast critiquing courtesy of New Media Consultant, Eric Fisher, and what technique to use to critique podcast critiquing with Eric’s consultant, Kirsten! So much sandwich in this very special of You Pod It, Dude!

Reboot: The Latest Developments


Move over, Vicky! Looks like Danny has got a new lover, and she’s… black? This is only shocking to us because, as this article rightfully points out, there weren’t many colored folk on the show. Not only that, it appears Kimmy ditched Duane somewhere along the way for someone named Fernando!

We know, Danny. That’s how we feel too!

danny's eyebrows

2.6 Beach Boy Bingo (ft. Michael Simpson)



Class is in session! Take a seat and listen as the Crew gets schooled in all things Hawaii by their astounding guest, highly esteemed scholar, and qualified professor of Comparative Hawaiian History and the Beach Boys, Michael Simpson! Come on a safari with us as we break it all down for you in this week’s hot episode of You Pod It, Dude! [*]

2.5 Jingle Hell (ft. Jonathan Carr and Gregory Villalobos)



Hear, ye! Hear, ye! In this very special episode of this beloved family podcast, the Crew covers pressing issues such as: Why do toilets need to be digital? Cats in a briefcase? And, boy, are you in for a treat! The wise and wonderful Jonathan Carr and the indelible Greg Villalobos join the Crew to bring you the hottest episode yet!