Reboot: The Latest Developments


Move over, Vicky! Looks like Danny has got a new lover, and she’s… black? This is only shocking to us because, as this article rightfully points out, there weren’t many colored folk on the show. Not only that, it appears Kimmy ditched Duane somewhere along the way for someone named Fernando!

We know, Danny. That’s how we feel too!

danny's eyebrows

Full House Reboot is Official!


Read on to get learned while we try to contain our excitement over here.

Here’s the premise:
DJ is widowed with 2 kids she needs help taking care of. So Stephanie moves in to help, along with Kimmy and her daughter.

You can bet that the new series will get the You Pod It, Dude! treatment after they air.

Check out the details here.

Full House Revival?!


Whoa baby!

Full House might be coming back on Netflix. We’re not saying that we’re completely responsible for this, but we’re pretty sure we’re 60% responsible for this. You’re welcome.

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