Fuller House Special – Our Very First Show, Again


fullerhouse pic 1

The Crew is back with full-force, much like the cast and crew of Fuller House! Join The Crew in this very special show as they live-watch the very first episode of Fuller House and give you, lovely fans, the inside scoop not heard anywhere else! And boy, oh, boy, was there lots to scoop in this episode.

2.11 A Little Romance (ft. Tim Neumann)



The Crew and auction winner Blake Richardson III (a.k.a. marvelous guest, Tim Neumann) go hard this week, covering the memorable Full House episode in which the guys sell their bodies in a charity auction, and DJ gets dumped—HARD. Laughs, gaffs, giraffes, and more in this quintessential episode of You Pod It, Dude!

2.9 Our Very First Christmas Show (ft. Michael Wahle)



President Barack Obama provides profound, insightful, and witty commentary about all the absurdities of the Tanners getting stuck in an airport on Christmas, and candidly reminisces about his own life thus far along the way. Join the Crew and the leader of the free world as they tackle the heavy topics at hand (plus Full House nonsense) in this very distinguished episode of You Pod It, Dude!